All that work for nothing

I've spent a lot of time this passed week trying to write up on Scalability with some metrics for the ServiceStack article. I ran into problems initially because measuring Scalability is quite difficult. I’ve tried a few tools online to give me an idea of what to test on, and then some tools like LoadUI which cost a lot of money and allow you to create multiple users and send requests to your API for each user simultaneously. The problem became that it was very difficult to compare one frameworks scalability to another. Overall, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it effectively so I gave up.

I think one of the benefits of writing these articles is it allows me to reflect on the weeks work and think about the things you were unable to accomplish. I’ve decided to write a Stack Overflow question asking how to measure scalability of a framework and possibly some test parameters.

Nancy Article

I spent a fair bit of this week ill, and I haven’t been able to get myself to learn up on Nancy. I’m better today though, so I’m hoping to do a few hours of work on it and should hopefully have the beginnings of a first draft soon.

First thing’s first, I’ll be looking at some Pluralsight videos about Nancy to sharpen up my knowledge and I should then be able write some sections of the article.

Other Side Projects

I’ve been thinking increasingly of writing the Job Scheduling framework that I’ve written about in previous posts. The only reason I want to write it is I quite like the idea of writing an open source framework to go along with my CodeReviewer site to increase my credibility in the community. That, and I enjoy writing code and I would quite like to learn how to write a framework. On top of all of that, the knowledge learned when writing the framework might enable me to write more effective CodeReview articles.

It’s still on the backlog, but I’m very interested in starting this side project.