Finished NancyFx Article

I managed to finish the first draft of the NancyFx code review this week. It’s a little smaller than the ServiceStack one but I’ve been working on it for less time. I think it’s an OK article just now, but I realised this week that writing performance reviews of the framework is not that feasible for me. Not only would I have to make quite a large API in the framework, along with a large dataset, I’d have to test it with multiple users making requests at the same time etc, it’s just not feasible or cost effective (the performance measuring software is expensive). It has really made me think about what I should be talking about in the articles.

The next article I want to write about is Microsofts WebAPI. I have been slagging it off on my other articles, but I realise now that I have been assimilating the other 3rd party framework creators’s ideas so I’d like to look at the framework in a new light (and perhaps update previous reviews in the light of new information).